2414 BLUE have a team of highly experienced and competent trainers to deliver all courses.


For further information or to speak to someone regarding our trainers please call us on 0333 666 4446 or email us now here: info@2414group.com

Our trainers have a solid background in the area of expertise that they are delivering. They normally specialise in two or three areas. It is our role as 2414 Group to ensure that they are certified, qualified and are delivering course content with examples and case studies that their audience can relate to.

Each one of our trainers goes through a process, starting with their knowledge, an interview, a test on their chosen subject and experience. What are their engagement levels with their audience? Are they confident? Can they articulate questions and answers? Do they make the content interesting and interactive?

2414 rely on positive feedback. Each and every trainer is rated and thei level of feedback from clients is important. Constant improvement is key and if the trainers can't learn from delivering courses then the whole process won't work. Criticism and evaluation is all part of training at 2414 and all for positive purposes.

2414 have been running a wide variety of Training Courses across the UK for over a year now. They are committed to delivering high quality, extensive and interactive courses, all for a competitive price. We are continually improving both the content and the delivery. We receive outstanding feedback and recommendations.

Our courses are run by fully qualified and highly competent trainers, they take care and pride in delivering the courses with enthusiasm and inspiration. All our trainers have experience in the subject matter and are certified in as many of those areas as is possible. They are friendly, polite and keen to hear feedback and for you to ask as many questions as you like!

For more assistance or information regarding any of our courses or trainers please feel free to call us on 0333 666 4446 or email info@2414group.com for further information.