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Digital Marketing Strategies in accordance with GDPR

Digital Marketing Courses

Digital Marketing is changing the way we generate new opportunities and where we find our business. GDPR is coming soon and that also affects the way we handle data and what we use it for.

2414 are experienced in both traditional and digital marketing, from advice, guidance and consultancy surrounding marketing to website design, campaigns, re-marketing, Google Adwords, Analytics and even digital marketing training courses. We have everything you need to ensure you are successful and noticed online!

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Our Digital Marketing courses cover both aspects including marketing strategies, successful campaigns, utilising software packages to help build marketing databases, re-gaining consent, gaining new opportunities and marketing from a legal perspective.

It also covers digital marketing from a design angle and being able to use some new and exciting packages to build your new marketing focus.

Please see below an overview of course content and a list of our upcoming training course dates. Only £289 plus VAT for our on site training or £199 plus VAT for our distance learning courses or email for further information.


    * This course is ideal for anyone looking to move into Digital Marketing or existing marketeers to implement a Digital Marketing Strategy into your own or your client's business. This 1 day course gives a full overview into the areas of digital marketing and is comprehensive in subject matter. You will receive full course slides, resources, guides, templates and also includes an exam with a 75% pass rate certification.

    All our courses are run by experienced practitioners in subject matter, our courses are compliant to ISO17024 and we always insure there are ways to include both the quality and the content.

    The Course Content Includes:

    **Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • - Help your website to get to the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo. Analyse your existing website and use tools to report on where you are going wrong and areas to improve.
  • - Create, measure and carry out a powerful strategy for your business or your clients.
  • includes: SEO/web analytics/PPC/Email Marketing
  • **Digital Display Advertising

  • - You will learn how to create magnetic display campaigns. Key concepts of digital display advertising.
  • - Learn how to plan and optimise clickable Ad Campaigns
  • includes: Ad Formats, Creative Formats and Campaign Budgets, Targeting and Tracking Campaigns
  • **Social Media Marketing

  • - How to grow your social media followers and how to build successful opportunity campaigns
  • - Setup, manage and engage sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIN, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr and other blogging sites.
  • - Understand listening techniques to attract relationships
  • - Implement your social media marketing strategy, target hastags and audience
  • **Email Marketing

  • - Setup, adopt and create inspiring email campaigns
  • - Learn how to use marketing tools such as Mailchimp to create effective marketing lists and newsletters or campaigns
  • - Understand your audience, targeted email campaigns, timings, results and analytics
  • **Mobile Marketing

  • - Understand what users are looking at. What your target audience is, the best mobile apps to use and marketing campaigns for mobile users.
  • **Analytics, Reports and Tracking

  • - Monitor and track your digital marketing campaigns
  • - Automate your campaigns across all platforms
  • - Setup Google analytics and feedback
  • - Explore insights such as demographics, device usage, location, audience etc.
  • - What was your ROI and future marketing strategies
  • **Branding

  • - What does your brand say about you
  • - Re-branding and usage of the internet
  • - Where is your brand, your coverage of the web and where is it open
  • - Getting your brand noticed, online presence and videos
  • **Marketing Strategies

  • - Create an effective marketing strategy
  • - Planing, ideas and results
  • - Look at your guidelines from a data protection and GDPR retention policy, utliising data and where to refresh, gaining consent and re-marketing to customers
  • - Budget planning and outcome
  • - Measuring your campaign results