Most organisations understand the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) but don't either have the time or the expertise in house to carry out processes and policies to become GDPR ready. Equally companies want to be confident that haven't missed anything.

At 2414 Group our team of GDPR Certified Practitioners are highly experienced and knowledgeable in this particular area. As they are carrying out GDPR GAP Analysis and Risk Assessments on a daily basis, they are well versed on exactly what needs to be completed to be ready.

By completing a GDPR GAP Analysis and Risk Assessment on your business it gives you a great report that clearly defines your current posture, areas that you are doing really well in and areas that you need to focus on versus areas that we feel are very risky and open to investigation. This report also gives you a clear timeline and steps to work through to become GDPR ready.

2414 Group work in two stages, the initial on-site audit which involves interviews with key stakeholders and heads of departments to ascertain your current levels of data protection, policies, processes, controls and documentation. The second stage involves producing a highly informative report that you can hand to board level executives to finalise.

We are extremely cost effetive in our GAP Analysis and Risk Assessments as we want to work with you in the future and give you a clear indication of costs from the beginning so you can be sure that your budget isn't going to creep out of control. We also provide ongoing assistance and outsourced Data Protection Officers and Audits so rest assured we will help you every step of the way...

For more information on our GDPR Gap Analsis and Risk Assessments please email or call 01344 666035.

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  • Please see below an overview of course content, we cover over 90 slides, it is comprehensive in content and we receive outstanding feedback. for further information.

    • Overview of GDPR, it's background, terminology and what it means.
    • What's new and the difference between the existing Data Protection Act.
    • Key implementation and compliance areas.
    • Data subjects, responding to and dealing with individuals exercising their data protection rights including time limits.
    • Marketing departments and handling data appropriately.
    • Human Resources departments and handling data appropriately.
    • Key steps to implementing GDPR including:
    • - Privacy by design
    • - Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA's)
    • - Protecting your business and adequate security tools
    • - Training, competence and staff awareness requirements.
    • - The role of a DPO (Data Protection Officer), Data Processors and Data Controllers.
    • - Incident Response, breach reporting and business continuity options and requirements.
    • - Updating policies, procedures and documenting processes now and ongoing.
    • Effective data security management.
    • International data transfers and third party agreements.
    • Related compliance areas including Safe Harbour, PCI DSS, Cyber Essentials/Plus, ISO27001, ISO 9001, NCSC's recommendation, Agile, Praxis and COBIT5.