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GDPR GAP Assessments and Audits

2414 Group carry out a variety of GAP Assessments and Audits under GDPR that ensures you reach GDPR Compliance.

Many companies are aware that a new regulation has been enforced by the Information Commissioners Office but they have absolutely no idea where to start or how to roll out the project. GDPR requires a combination of documentation, processes, policies, strategies, contracts and procedures as well as IT/Operational security.


2414 Group have been carrying out GDPR GAP Assessments and Audits for nearly 2 years and have vast experience in ensuring our clients are GDPR Compliant.

Our team of practitioners are certified EU F and P, they have prior knowledge of the Data Protection as well as qualified in ISO27001 and associated frameworks such as COBIT5, Data Governance and Agile Project Management.

2414 Group have worked with over 500 companies UK wide to ensure GDPR Compliance. Our customer range from manufacturing to retail, construction, finance, insurance, local government and many other sectors.

2414 Group work with partners such as legal advisors and insurers to make sure that the information we provide to our clients is correct, up-to-date and relevant to their business. All our information is taken direct from the Information Commissioners Office.

Extensive and Informative

Each one of our assessments and audits contains relevant information, guidelines, project timelines, data mapping, data governance, frameworks, key templates and a valuable report. The regulation itself is full of legal jargon so our practitioners make sure that they leave you with all the information you need to complete GDPR or we can assist you completing the project. We can do as little or as much of the project as you require.

Some companies don't have the time to work on GDPR themselves and therefore, need a company to do everything for them. This is where our practitioners are highly skilled and qualified.


There is a big overlap between GDPR and ISO27001. If you are thinking of either of the above it is beneficial to run the projects in tandem as you can complete a number of elements in both frameworks.

2414 Group have a number of ISO27001 certified implementation and audit practitioners. We would be more than happy to discuss any requirements you may have regarding your business requirements.

For more information on any of our products or services please give us a call on 0333 666 4446 or email


    For more information on any of our services or details call 0333 666 4446 or email

  • GAP Assessments
  • Our Gap Assessments identifies key areas that you are competent or falling short in. It will give clarification of urgent actions, to-do-lists, project timelines and staff action lists. You are provided with a number of checklists, reports and valuable documents to work through.

  • Audit
  • Our audit is a full risk assessment of what you already have in place vs what you need to implement to achieve compliance. This looks at documentation, policies, processes, guidelines, staff etc and identifies key weaknesses and within the business.

  • Templates
  • We have created a list of over 26 different templates, written in association with our legal advisors who are experienced in data protection and commercial law. These documents are the necessary forms needed to achieve compliance from your privacy policy to consent, consent withdrawal, 3rd party risk assessments, legitimate interest form, data mapping spreadsheets, data protection impact assessments, subject access request forms and others.

  • Support Services
  • From only £200 per month we offer GDPR support services, you will have unlimited access to our experts to ask questions, obtain suggestions, recommendations and guidelines as well as 2 x days audit per year.

  • Training
  • We provide a variety of training services from online to classroom and in-house, our team of experts can carry out basic staff awareness or full GDPR regulatory requirements training. To date we have trained over 800 companies, UK wide.

  • Staff Awareness
  • From posters, to online training, emails and documentation to raise awareness with staff.