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2414 Group have a team of GDPR Consultants that have been delivering training and consulting services for well over a year. In addition to this our Certified GDPR Consultants have vast experience and qualifications in areas such as ISO27001, ISO9001, Cyber Essentials, COBIT5, Lean Six Sigma, SCRUM, Data Protection, Data Governance and Commercial Law so you can be sure that your GDPR project is delivered to extremely high standards.

The process of delivering and implementing GDPR involves key stakeholders within the business and careful consideration of the way your business operates, its structure, processes, policies, legitimate business purposes, the principle requests of consumers and employers and many other areas. Without a good understanding of both commercial law, UK law, frameworks and the regulation your business could risk a consultancy firm giving you poor or inaccurate advice.

At 2414 Group we have ensured that our practices are aginst frameworks like ISO27001 and that we have employed very knowledgable and experienced consultants. In addition to this we have made sure that our prices are competitive and sensible. GDPR is a key area of focus for our business both now and longer term into the future.

Good practice - we also work with a team of legal advisors, solicitors and associated technology firms to ensure that the advice we give you is correct and covers you as an organisation.

For more information on our GDPR Services, Training or other Consulting services please give us a call on 01344 666035 or email us info@2414group.com We would love to hear from you and any feedback.

Core Values


Here at 2414 we strongly believe that in order to provide the best training and courses in the industry, we have a team of experts in the area of training provided. We are proud that the 2414's team boasts some of the leading expertise available in the marketplace and our customers delight at the service that this level enables us to deliver to them.


2414 has a passion for delivery excellence across all aspects of our customer relationships. A 'Can-Do' attitude runs through the DNA of every single member of the 2414 team and our attendees have given us fantastic feedback.


We are members of the British Standards Industry, our courses are ISO17024 Compliant and we ensure that our courses are constantly reviewed and improved.

Mission Statement

Independent Training Course Provider

Our mission statement is to create a suite of industry leading training courses and educational resources. A training provider that gives great pleasure in ensuring that all attendees have gained the knowledge they required and that they have the freedom to ask as many questions and to learn at their own pace.

2414 BLUE have so far trained over 250 companies and the feedback received has been outstanding. Our trainers are friendly, highly qualified and present our courses with confidence and enthusiasm.

Our Skills

General Data Protection Regulation 100%
Compliance (ISO, ITIL< Cyber Essentials) 100%
Sales Leadership & Performance 100%
Traditional and Digital Marketing 100%
Positivity and Positive Attitude Courses 100%