GDPR Software


GDPR Software to help you educate your weakest link - Your Staff!


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2414 have been running GDPR Training Courses across the UK for nearly a year now. Most companies don't realise that 80% of security breaches are as a result of human error. Your staff clicking links, receiving or sending documents and browsing the web. They are your weakest link so you need to educate them!

Data Subject Requests under GDPR need to be recorded, managed and responded to within 30 days and for no fees. How are you going to educate your staff? Ensure they are doing what they should be doing and more importantly are they aware in the first place?

From only £2 per person per year, you can have access to our education platform, this gives your staff access to videos, tools, checklists, education and tests to ensure they understand and acknowledge what they need to do. Interested? Give us a call on 01344 666035 or email for further information.

  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive and Educational
  • Simple web access
  • Only £2 per user per year
  • Not just limited to GDPR
  • Give your staff tests and certification
  • Customisable
  • Constantly updated
  • Fully Managed and Hosted
  • Unlimited Users