Sales Training


Sales Training Courses and Performance Reporting


For some organisations the sales team are the engine of the business. Unless the sales team are firing on all cylinders, the company starts to suffer. Sales targets generally continue to increase year on year to grow the business and sales people can lose focus if not performing or challenges are put in their way. Keeping a sales team consistantly performance is quite a task, coming up with new ways to incentivise and motivate a sales team is on the top of the priority list for all sales management. For more information on our sales training and reporting call us now on 0333 666 4446 or email:


We provide our training courses in three forms, online or via a classroom for individuals or in-house for a sales team. All attendees will receive a certificate of attendance and are certified by APMG. We have worked with over 800 companies to date and received outstanding feedback. Sales Teams see a big difference in sales performance, target achievement and key performance indicators met. Sales staff benefit from discussing targets with independent auditors and any challenges or restrictions they may feel are blocking their potential.


2414 Group interview each member of your sales team and understand current levels of performance, strengths and areas of growth. Identify road blocks, challenges and key wins. Set Key Performance Indicators for teams and target reviews. Developing a sales strategy that works for your organisation as well as the sales team and ensure that staff are hitting realistic goals and targets. Delivering sales reporting back to executives.


The key benefits of sales team training and reporting is a holistic view of the sales department, identify any key areas of strengths or weakness and implement strategies and plans that will work to benefit both the organisation and the individuals. 2414 receive outstanding feedback, great results and business owners are pleased with the results.

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